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Erik Stand and Sidney Still are a quirky pair of Freedom Fighters, trying to capture all the adults in the world and turn them back into children again. But they can’t do it alone!

Step into the shoes of an Adult Catcher, in this captivating interactive adventure show full of comedy, clowning, super special effects, a stupendous plot and an intriguing set. This is a children’s show like you’ve never seen before!

Join Stand and Still, as they attempt to train the newest recruits to the Adult Catcher’s cause: to stop all those grown-ups being so mean and spoiling things for the rest of us!*

However, as the AC Team are soon to learn, adults aren’t always as mean as they seem; and changing them back into kids again can be even more unpredictable than it sounds!

From the creators of 2018 Fringe Best Family Show Award nominee, ‘LET’S BUILD A PLANET!’, comes this innovative, exuberant and hilarious new production for 2019.

Suitable for ages 4+. Adults more than welcome!

*Please note, all necessary adult-catching equipment will be provided on arrival.†

†That’s a joke.**