Project Description

This act is part game show, part comic theatre piece. Sam Quinn plays ‘Graham Masala,’ a travelling showman pioneering a unique version of the traditional ‘lucky dip’ gambling machine. However, this tombola is no ordinary hexagonal wooden spinning drum full of numbered tickets next to a table covered in cheap teddy bears, bath salts and other unwanted Christmas presents. Oh no. The prizes for The Emperor’s New Tombola are all performed! Players might win a ride on an emotional roller coaster, a story about dino-babysitting, a sales pitch from the silent sausage seller, a West African dance class or a hilarious lesson in how to play crazy golf on a normal golf course.

Besides the silliness, ‘The Emperor’s New Tombola’ also has a sinister side… Graham has sworn an oath to The Emperor that he will perform any prize the audience draws from the drum, no matter how humiliating; and lately the tombola has started spontaneously creating some deeply dubious prizes of its own. Watch as Graham is forced to fight an invisible kick boxer, reveal his deepest darkest secret and maybe even give away his pants!