Project Description

Politically and environmentally motivated, this performance draws on the dichotomy of constant economic growth Vs. environmental protection. However the focus is not on the influence of individual consumers, but on the companies and governments perpetuating the system.

Throughout an event uniformed GDP officers patrol with sniffer dogs looking to sniff out any potentially offending individuals and take them off for interrogation in a secret location – preferably a small room or broom cupboard. Questions such as: ‘How many new outfits did you buy this afternoon?’ ‘What brand of thumb moisturiser do you use?’ And, ‘What’s the engine size of your smallest car?’ Are posed to ascertain whether a suspect is ‘doing their bit’ for our economic environment. Any attempt to deflate a country’s profits through recycling, wearing of second hand clothes, riding of bicycles or other such anti-financial activities is met with state-sanctioned severity. Deviators are given a verbal dressing down and a fine before being released back in to society.